t is this concept. This also said that they must take care of hundreds of thousands of people, this one hundred thousand people a little too big. Huaxia population is large, the site is quite large. One hundred thousand people do not necessarily all live in the same place, these scattered things is to make them more difficult days. I know, but this, you want to shrink to the number RHCSA it exam of provinces Li Bai heard, nodded. Now really do not attend to other things, and want to reduce the loss, must shrink the scope. So that it is possible to achieve higher efficiency. In Guangxi near the 20 province.s to find it My people will lead them RedHat Certification to gradually toward the place came. Lin Dong finally thought, and finally nodded. Guangxi is their own province, there is a little less people, so that RHCSA you can accommodate more people. I know, I will tell them. Li Bai nodded, and finally made a phone call, told some things later, it is held a press conference. And Lin Dong s efficiency is more fast, a spiritual power of thousands of miles of sound, the world has known Lin Dong s words, a large number of foreign civilization invasion, Pa Tian Ge now has not really grown up, the enemy than my realm Only

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