, Liu Sijian is landing in the sand outside the gates, look around and no abnormal. situation, practitioners are not, all just ordinary residents Bale. Liu Sijian three people are assured into the crowd into the crowd, with the way of walking, to live within the inn. After last night that war, Liu Sijian three very tired, Mo said practice, and even eat and drink water, can not mention the strength to come, so, fell down and sleep until the next morning, only to wake up God comes However, woke up only one Liu Sijian, Feng Ling children still sleep in his side, is still sleeping without wake up. Liu Sijian do not have the heart to disturb her, lightly foot down the bed, came to the small table, pou. r a cup of tea, slowly drinking, but it is not feeling stunned, he is into the thinking to go. Really is dangerous, go down the first experience of the ghost mountain, even enough PMP it exam to be fatal Liu Sijian think, sip a mouthful of water, is a slight shaking his head Originally thought into the days of the break through the sand, is the top of the existence, and unexpectedly, gold eighteen and PMP the old monster PMI Certification even so powerful , The level of cultivation, as well as supernatural power, turned out to be so big, really hard to imagine ah Chap

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