work, both sides just need to each other. Zhang Wei asked a series of questions, both important and not sharp, will not offend people. Lin Hao is thinking, Jiang can water cooking cooking contest, what kind of game is it, he is. not also to participate in what For a Magento Certified Developer chef, and others can test, is also very excited. Not only under pressure to improve their cooking level, you can also verify their own cooking in the end how the same level of the chef, there is no more powerful than him. Zhang Wei interview after the completion of Lin Hao and her out of the room. Zhang and is running around tired to come here, presumably also very hard, they really is not good to continue to disturb him, Magento Certified Developer it exam so as not to cause resentment. The seventy fourth chapter unrequited love Thank Magento Certification you today. Leave Zhang and Zheng s room, Zhang Wei to Lin Hao thanks. They walked on the aisle and were ready to leave the hotel. You are not thankful. Lin Hao said You do not help me, when I face the pressure of journalists,

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