hand. His heart angrily, had to know, just should let this guy directly to the dead. Lu Shixiong, you do not and that drunk cat gas, you have to play the game tomorrow, today or we first so Good things, Zhao Yuhan made this way, this celebration obviously no way Continue to go, in the fly can only persuade this way. Ah, today can CCDE it exam be really his uncle disappointed, Cisco Certification met this guy, can only count me down the big mold. After anger, Lu Shao teng also know that Zhao Yuhan today has been drunk, and then this guy home gas, and some do not Value, so he can only be generous that does not matter. This time, Wu Jia pulled in the flying clothes, whispered In the senior, you see Zhao brothers Do not look just Wu Jia Zhao Yu cold is very angry look, but when she saw Zhao Yu cold staggering to go out, and my heart and some worry about this guy will be any accident. Yufei l.ook like Wu Jia look like this, his heart sigh of anxious, in front of the girl, really is so kind, but if that came back, she was not so kind, then how could she look at her So I do not have any hesitation, directly to Lu Shao tian three of them hand over Gentlemen, I know, today we all did not drink well, but we are still out to see the drunk cat now, if he was out What is the accident, it is not beautiful, and so back to Ningzhou City, I invite you to Qi Wei home, when CCDE you give the crime, to the time, we have a good drink again. Indeed, Zhao Yuhan today in the wine

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352-001 ADVDESIGN Cisco CCDE
352-011 Cisco Certified Design Expert Practical Exam Cisco CCDE